[Book] The 5 dysfunctions of a team

I have just been introduced the book “The 5 dysfunctions of a team” and, well, it’s interesting.

In a team with no trust, there’s no willingness to engage in conflicts. Members will be lack of commitment and then avoid accountabilities. The final result will be disaster. Therefore, trust is the base of a great team.

Key lessons

  • Trust is the base of a great team. Build trust first before doing anything else.
    • Team members need to willingly make themselves vulnerable to one another.
    • Team leaders should share their weaknesses and mistakes first. Other members will follow.
  • If people trust each other, they engage in constructive conflicts and make better decisions.
    • Lack of trust –> avoid conflict, try to uphold some kind of pseudo-harmony within the team.
  • Everybody has to be committed to a decision, even if there is no consensus or certainty about it correctness.
  • Great team has peer-to-peer accountability, meaning everyone’s performance is transparent.
  • Effective teams focus on collective results rather than individual goals.
  • Great teams spend a lot of time together, which results in them saving a lot of time.

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